The 2018 free agent class has the possibility to alter the landscape of the NBA. High profile players will change teams, as will emerging players who have yet to perform at their peak. Knowing who to spend money on is crucial. We are offering our opinion on UNRESTRICTED free agents only (does not include those who have yet to opt out). It seems rare that a restricted free agent worth the trouble actually gets away, making it prudent to strictly focus on the players that teams can immediately sign.

To be clear, we are always looking for players we believe can play effective NBA minutes on BOTH offense and defense. That pool of players, in our estimation, includes the following by position...


There are four candidates at the pivot position that we would consider. The most talented is clearly DeMarcus Cousins. However, Cousins is returning from a ruptured achilles tendon, and we would be hesitant to spend any significant amount of money on any player returning from that injury. That narrows the list to three, and one of the remaining players is JaVale McGee. The Shaqtin' a Fool star makes sense, in our opinion, only for a veteran team.

The amount of money a team spends on a Center should be monitored closely. The pool of available players is plenty deep. We think there are two players that potentially make financial sense.

Power Forwards:

The list of PF's we would chase is small. There are only two that we think are top 30 talents at the position at both ends of the floor. One of those players is Michael Beasley. We still are not sold on Beasley as a guy that deserves big money but he certainly would be considered depending on the price point. So that leaves us with only one...

Point Guards:

Much like the Power Forward spot, we only like a couple of Point Guards. One of them is Tyreke Evans but we still don't foresee Evans playing in enough games to warrant big money or big responsibility. I would like to be proven wrong because I really believe that Tyreke is a special talent. The reality is that Evans has missed an average just shy of 30 games per season for the last three years. So that leaves the one obvious choice...

Small Forwards:

There are two Small Forwards we think are top-30 at their position on both ends of the court...

Shooting Guards:

There are three SG's that fit the profile of top 30 on both ends of the floor at their position. One of them is Lance Stephenson. We wouldn't throw big money at Lance. Another one of the three is Shabazz Muhammed. He has never been known for his defense but Shabazz did sneak into the top 30 in DEFRTG differential at the SG spot last season. We wouldn't break any banks to sign him but he does have talent worth considering. So that leaves just one choice we like...

The best of the rest...

Centers - Nerlens Noel, Greg Monroe, Ed Davis.

Power Forwards - Ersan Ilyasova.

Point Guards - Rajon Rondo, Elfrid Payton, Tim Frazier, Michael Carter-Williams.

Small Forwards - Gerald Green, Trevor Ariza, Vince Carter.

Shooting Guards - Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Devin Harris, Mario Chalmers.

Players we would avoid:

We would not be offering enough if we just listed the players we like. There are also players we would avoid that fall outside the top-60 at their position on BOTH ends of the floor. It would be wise to stay away from the following...

Centers: Marreese Speights.

Forwards: Josh Huestis, Joe Johnson.

Guards: Jameer Nelson, Wayne Ellington, Derrick Rose, Ian Clark, Nick Young, Arron Afflalo.