Avdija, Deni






Avdija is a guy that, at 6'9", can grab a rebound and go. He has a post game (good footwork). He is a willing passer. He is right handed but he uses his left hand well. If you attack him on a close-out, he can drive right by and finish strong at the rim. ...Avdija was MVP of the 2019 U20 European Championships. ...He shot just 33% from three-point range last season for Maccabi Tel-Aviv, and he struggled mightily from the free throw line (58%). His stroke looks fine so the shooting numbers are puzzling.  He had a 1.26-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio in 2019-20. ...Defensively, Avdija's DEFRTG was better than his team's DEFRTG, always a good sign. He is an underrated shot blocker. …Strikes me as a serious kid that will put in the work. We will be surprised if he's not a top-five pick.  ..We think he is potentially a low-tier starter in the NBA. 


Good advice... In 2013, the 8th pick was Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. We advised, "draft C.J. McCollum."

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