Bouknight, James  Connecticut 6'4" 190 SG soph. 

Bouknight is a right handed scoring guard that impressed us with his level of concentration and focus when it comes to completing plays. He averaged 18.7 points, 5.7 rebounds, and 1.8 assists per game as a sophomore. He was named First Team All Big-East. In his two seasons at U-Conn he shot only 32% from three-point range. His shot looks fine. He made 80.2% FT (career). He does a good job of getting to the line as well. ...He is among the rare camp of scoring guards that had a DEFRTG better than his team's DEFRTG. He has a 6'8" wingspan. ...Bouknight can get very tunnel-visioned. He had 63 assists vs. 92 turnovers in his 1200 career minutes in college. For that reason, it's hard to envision Bouknight being much more than a reserve scorer early in his career. ...Bouknight will likely be taken in the second half of the lottery. 


Our best advice: in 2014, the 26th pick was PJ Hairston. We advised, "draft Kyle Anderson."

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