Brown, Greg  Texas  6'7" 206 PF frosh.

Brown is a right-handed forward with fantastic athleticism. He averaged 9.3 points, 6.2 rebounds, and 1.0 blocked shots per game as a Texas freshman. He only played 20.6 minutes per game. He shot 33% from three-point range and 70.8% FT. Defensively, Brown was a difference maker for the Longhorns. His DEFRTG was 5.4 points better than the team DEFRTG. Not only is he quick but he has a 39" max. vert.  He was measured with a 7'0" wingspan. …On the crazy downside, he had six times as many turnovers as assists (YIKES!). ...While we love Brown's athletic profile and defensive prowess, it is hard to get past how raw he is offensively. Just not much "feel" in his game. We expect him to be taken early in round two. 


Our best advice: in 2006, the 34th pick was Paul Davis. We advised, "draft P.J. Tucker."

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