Champagnie, Justin Pittsburgh  6'6" 206 SF soph. 

If there is any player in this Draft that we are much higher on than the consensus, it is Justin Champagnie. He averaged 18 points, 11.1 rebounds (best in the ACC), and 1.6 assists as a sophomore. He was named First Team All-ACC. Champagnie shot only 31.1% from beyond the arc, but his shot is not broken in any way. He made 74.5% FT (career). Champagnie is a low turnover guy. In 687 minutes of high usage he only coughed up 30 turnovers.  Champagnie's DEFRTG was 3.5 pts. better than the Pitt team DEFRTG. He measured 6'6" with a 6'10" wingspan at the NBA Draft Combine. …We are not sure Champagnie will be drafted. We believe he is the perfect teammate that will thrive in the NBA. He is smart and he works hard on the floor. In hindsight teams may ask themselves why they passed on him. 


Our best advice: in 2012, the 27th pick was Arnett Moultrie. We advised, "draft Darymond Green."

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