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Claxton, Nicolas Georgia  7'0" 216 C soph.  Claxton is an upside play by whatever team drafts him. He has natural shot blocking instincts and ability. As a sophomore, the left-hander averaged 13 points, 8.6 rebounds, and 2.5 blocked shots per game. He doesn't have a broken shot but his percentages aren't great. He was 30% career from beyond the college arc, and just 60% career from the foul line. ...He made strides as a decision maker in 2018-19 after a freshman season that saw him only have six total assists in nearly 500 minutes of play. ...Claxton was an anchor on defense for Georgia, with the Bulldogs being 5.6 points per 100 possessions better on defense with Claxton on the floor. ...Claxton strikes us as a bright kid that has a chance to make it in the NBA if he can improve his shooting and continue to be a better ball sharer. At this stage, he is a Center, and he is thin and underweight to play meaningful NBA minutes. I would expect him to spend lots of time in the G-League. 


Good Advice: In 2002, the 51st pick in the NBA Draft was Marcus Taylor. We advised, "Draft Udonis Haslem."

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