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Campbell 5'9" 180 SG SR.  We haven't been big proponents of small guards (hey, play on words!) However, in the case of Chris Clemons, we are ALL IN. Built with a sturdy frame, and a low center of gravity, Clemons is very hard to stop. He is athletic enough (over 40" vert.) to compete in the NBA. Clemons led the nation in scoring as a Senior, putting up 30.1 points per game. He was the Big South Player of the Year. He gets to the free throw line with regularity. He was 3rd in the NCAA in FTA's in 2018-19. And he MAKES his free throws! His 85% FT is the all-time best in the Big South. ...Clemons gives an honest effort on defense, and his strength is underappreciated. Campbell was only .8 better per 100 possessions with Clemons off the floor. ...The one thing I think every NBA team needs to understand is that Clemons is NOT a point guard. He barely had more assists than turnovers. He is a SCORER. He can come in off the bench and inject offense. Because he is just 5'9", Clemons will need to play alongside a BIG PG to excel (so that Clemons can guard opposing PG's, and have the BIG PG teammate cover the opponent's SG.) ...Clemons is presently trending toward going undrafted (as of May 13, 2019). We think he should be considered a good mid-second round pick if not higher. 


Good Advice: In 2009, the 43rd pick in the NBA Draft was Marcus Thornton. We advised, "Draft Danny Green."

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