Green, Josh  Arizona    6'6" 210 SF frosh.  Green is an athletic, Australian wing that is known for his acrobatic finishes and his defensive abilities.  He is a sharp, serious, attention-to-detail kid. He has a 6'10" wingspan. ...Green averaged 12 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 2.6 assists per game in his lone season at Arizona. He shot 36.1% 3-pt FG, and 78% FT. He can defend both guard positions, as well as Small Forwards. He takes charges. …His assist-to-turnover ratio was 1.59-to-1. …Right handed but uses his left very well. As an on-the-ball defender, Green gives the type of effort that coaches love to see. He has quick feet. His opponents "feel him". ...We believe Green will be selected in the middle of the first round. While we love his defensive desire, we think overall his offensive inefficiency may be a liability in the NBA. ...He strikes us as a "pro-ready". 


Our best advice: in 2010, the 20th pick was James Anderson. We advised, "draft Hassan Whiteside."

Our most sketchy advice: in 2001, the 2oth pick was Brenden Haywood. We advised, "draft Joe Forte."

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