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Herro, Tyler Kentucky  6'6" 192 SG frosh. Herro averaged 14 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 2.5 assists per game as a freshman. He has a pure stroke. He shot 35.5% from three-point rand and 93.5% FT. He was named Second Team All-SEC. He finished seventh in SEC boxscore plus/minus. On defense, Herro's DEFRTG was 1.9 points worse than the Kentucky team DEFRTG. ...Herro has very short arms compared to the NBA landscape. He is 6'6" in shoes but his wingspan is 6'3.25". ...Fundamentally, Herro checks boxes. He is a smart player that knocks down open shots. ...We see him as a backup SG in the NBA. We believe he will be drafted between 14th and 21st. We think that will prove to be too early. I'd rather take a big swing at a prospect with a better athletic profile. 


Good Advice: In 2012, the 22nd pick in the NBA Draft was Fab Melo. We advised, "Draft Draymond Green."

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