Jokubaitis, Rokas Lithuania 6'4" 182 PG 11/19/00

Jokubaitis is a 20 year-old, left-handed, Point Guard from Lithuania. He is a member of their Men's Senior National team. Jokubaitis is shifty. He uses hesitation dribbles, and head fakes to get to his spots. He has the ability to "pass teammates open". He averaged 7.5 points and 3.3 assists in 2020-21. He shot 35% 3-pt. FG, and 71% FT this season. He was named the Euroleague Best Young Player for 2020-21.  He owns a 2.43-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio. …His DEFRTG is 2.9 points worse than his team's DEFRTG. We believe he will be drafted in the middle of the second round. 


Our best advice: in 2018, the 2nd pick was Marvin Bagley. We advised, "draft Luka Doncic."

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