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Lecque, Jalen USA 6'4" 185 SG 6/13/2000 Lecque is a top-tier runner and jumper. His 43" max. vert. was the best of any prospect at the NBA Draft Combine. He measured with a 6'8.5" wingspan.  For all the free throw attempts we can dig up for him in competition, he is a 67% FT shooter. While it is difficult to find reliable numbers for Lecque, he appears to have slightly more assists than turnovers. ...Lecque is not known to be a good perimeter shooter. That, and his lack of playing within a team structure for over a year may be weaknesses, at this stage, that are too much to overcome. ...He clearly has upside. But due to the expected development time he will require, we think he is a "big swing" type pick. 


Good Advice: In 2013, the 42nd pick in the NBA Draft was Pierre Jackson. We advised, "Draft Lorenzo Brown."

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