Maker, Matur Australia 6'10" 205 C 1/1/1998 Maker played at a prep school in Canada in 2017-18. His team was playing during the G-League Showcase (held near Toronto), so many NBA scouts made a trek to watch him LIVE. Maker had a tremendous 45 point, 20 rebound game! ...Maker also stood out at the 2017 Adidas Nations. He played in the NBPA Top 100 Camp as well. ...He is a right handed, skinny, pivot from Australia (by way of Sudan) that runs the floor very well. He has a motor. He will scrap for loose balls, and bang on the boards. His jump shot is sketchy.  ...Maker is the younger brother of Thon Maker (Milwaukee Bucks). ...Matur Maker is a prospect that has tools others simply were not born with (length, and athletic gifts). As a second round pick, there comes a time where he makes sense as a development player that may reach heights unattainable by some of the more "solid" prospects that do not have the upside Maker has. 


Good Advice: In 2012, the 38th pick in the NBA Draft was Quincy Miller. We advised, "Draft Will Barton."

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