McDaniels, Jaden  Washington 6'10" 200 PF frosh.  McDaniels is a high-upside, 6'10", right-handed, athletic player that can handle the ball well for his size. In that sense, he has some guard skills. ...Jaden is the younger brother of Charlotte Hornets player, Jalen McDaniels.  ...Jaden averaged 13 points, 5.8 rebounds, 1.4 blocks and 2.1 assists per game in his lone college season. He shot 33.9% from three-point range. He had more turnovers than assists by a wide margin. Despite his length, Washington was actually better defensively with McDaniels OFF the floor. He is very foul prone. ...Played in both the McDonald's All-American game, and the 2019 Jordan Brand Classic. ...McDaniels has a long way to go to have a positive impact on winning in the NBA. He needs to add strength to his skinny frame. He needs to get reps that can build confidence in his feel for the game. That said, he has many of the unteachable attributes that give him a chance, with NBA coaching, to become a star. We expect McDaniels to be taken in the middle to late first round. Whatever team does select him should be very patient and give him a chance to develop.


Our most sketchy advice: in 2013, the 22nd pick was Mason Plumlee. We advised, "draft Jamaal Franklin."

Our best advice: in 2014, the 22nd pick was Jordan Adams. We advised, "draft Kyle Anderson."

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