Nnaji, Zeke Arizona 6'11" 240 C frosh. 

Nnaji is a finesse, BIG that brings energy. ...Nnaji averaged 16.1 points, and 8.6 rebounds. He was named First Team All Pac-12. ...He is excellent as an offensive rebounder. He shot 76% FT which shows he has some touch on his shot. He gets to the free throw line often. Right handed but uses his left well. His three-point shooting was inconsistent. He took just 17 deep shots, making 5 (29.4% 3-pt FG). ...He had 70 turnovers and 27 assists, so decision making is not his strong suit. ...Defensively, Arizona was barely better with him on the floor. He is not a stopper by any means. ...He finished sixth in Pac-12 boxscore plus/minus. ...Nnaji plays classical piano. ...Nnaji is expected to be picked early in the second round. ...We thought he should have made some catches that he didn't make and we question his hands a bit. ...By all accounts he is a good kid that is willing to work. That said, it's tough to play in today's NBA as a BIG if you are just an average to below-average defender. 


Our best advice: in 2016, the 60th pick was Tyrone Wallace. We advised, "draft Gary Payton II."

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