Okoro, Isaac  Auburn  6'6" 215 SG frosh. 

Okoro has toughness. He is a right handed wing that can defend opposing point guards, SGs, SFs, and even some smaller PF's. He has a 6'10" wingspan. Okoro averaged 12.9 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 2 assists per game in 2019-20. He made the SEC All-Defensive team, and he was Second Team All-SEC overall. He had 57 assists and 55 turnovers. The turnover number is low but so is the assist total. He just doesn't make plays consistently on the offensive end. He shot just 28% from three-point range, and 67% at the free throw line. Okoro has some mid-range game but he struggles with his accuracy on deep shots.  ...Despite Okoro's perceived defensive abilities, Auburn was actually 2.5 points per 100 possessions better with Okoro OFF the floor. That is probably a deceiving statistic. In games we watched, Okoro showed he could clearly be a good defender. He has the toughness to do the little things. He takes charges. ...Okoro strikes us as a quiet kid with a mature game. ...We expect Okoro to be selected in the lottery. While we love the intangibles Okoro brings, we are advising against taking him so early. We think he just isn't dynamic enough offensively.  


Our best advice: in 2012, the 25th pick was Tony Wroten. We advised, "draft Draymond Green."

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