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Hachimura, Rui Gonzaga  6'8" 225 PF jr.  Hachimura is a consensus lottery pick. The West Coast Conference Player of the Year averaged 19.7 points, and 6.5 rebounds per game. This season, he transformed himself into a knock-down three-point shooter, making 41.7% 3-pt FG. He shoots 74.6% FT (career). He runs the floor with ease and he can finish in transition. …Hachimura loves to shoot it! He will hunt for shots. He had slightly more turnovers than assists in 2018-19, an area he can improve in. Likewise, on defense, Hachimura was a minor liability with a DEFRTG 1.1 points per 100 possessions worse than the Gonzaga team DEFRTG. While his defensive boxscore numbers are good in conference play, that can be deceiving due to the lack of talent in the West Coast Conference. ...His wingspan is reported to be 7'2".  Hachimura was born and raised in Toyama, Japan. ...We think Hachimura can, one day, be a low-tier, starting stretch-FOUR in the NBA. It may take him some time to reach that level. He really needs to share the ball more, and develop a better "feel" for team offense. 


Good Advice: In 1999, the 11th pick in the NBA Draft was Trajan Langdon. We advised, "Draft Corey Maggette."

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