Azubuike, Udoka  Kansas  7'0" 280 C SR. 

Azubuike is a right handed Nigerian seven footer that rapidly improved in the last two seasons. He is a natural shot blocker and rebounder with NBA size and NBA athleticism. Most importantly, he has good hands, and he catches and finishes in the paint at an elite level. He shot 74.6% FG in his career at Kansas! That is an NCAA record. He was the 2019-20 Big 12 Player of the Year, and the NABC Defensive Player of the Year. Azubuike, while improving, is still just a dunker, shot blocker, rebounder. His range is limited and he is a poor decision maker. In his career, he had exactly four times as many turnovers as assists. He is an awful free throw shooter (41.6 % FT career). Negatives aside, Azubuike is so good at what he does well that we would take him well before his projected draft position. After initial concerns about his weight, he showed the desire to take the game more seriously and he was in great condition in 2019-20. He was 2nd in the entire NCAA in boxscore plus/minus in 2019-20. He can be a starting Center on most teams from day one. We anticipate Azubuike being taken in the second round, somewhere around 40th. 


Our best advice... In 2012, the 19th pick was Andrew Nicholson. We advised, "draft Draymond Green."

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