The best Center prospects in the 2017 NCAA Tournament

Zach Collins - Gonzaga. 7'0" 230. freshman . ...Collins is an athletic BIG that is a key to Gonzaga's success in 2016-17. Playing just 17 minutes per game, Collins averages 10.2 points, 5.7 rebounds, and 1.5 blocked shots per game. His per-minute efficiency is the highest in our college database this season. Collins is connecting on 65% of his field goal attempts. He can stretch the floor too, although not at a high volume at this point in his career. This season, Collins has made 8 of his 18 three-point attempts (44%). He makes his free throws at a 75% clip. Defensively, Collins has the ability to block shots due to his length, timing, and athleticism. His defensive rating is 6.7 points better than the Zags team DEFRTG. That is impressive. ...As a prep: Collins was a McDonald's All-American that was Nevada State Player of the Year in 2015-16.


John Collins - Wake Forest. 6'10" 235. sophomore . ...Collins, while under-sized as far as traditional BIG's go, is a small-ball pivot that has given fits to opposing defenses all season. Collins is quicker and more agile than almost all of the 6'10" or above players he faces. He can beat his man with the dribble drive, and he has an uncanny knack for making shots (62% FG). Some scouts may view him as a wing or a "four" but we see him as a pivot due to the fact that he has attempted just one three-point shot in his two seasons at Wake Forest. His decision making is not good enough to play wing either (24 assists, 90 turnovers in two seasons). He is a 73% free throw shooter. As a prep: 2014-15 Florida Class 4A Player of the Year.


Nick Ward - Michigan St. 6'8" 250. freshman. ...Nick Ward knows how to put the ball in the hoop. The freshman, left-handed, BIG is connecting on 60% of his field goal attempts. Ward has the body and ability to carve space in the paint. He is quick to the ball and as such he is excellent on the offensive glass. He draws fouls at a high rate. Ward was third in the Big Ten this season in free throw attempts. He recently had a 22 point, 16 rebound game at Maryland (March 4th). He is an underrated shot blocker as well. Ward's defensive rating is 4.8 points better than the Michigan St. team DEFRTG.


Next nine...

Devontae Cacok - UNC Wilmington. 6'7" 240. sophomore.

Ethan Happ - Wisconsin. 6'8" 200. sophomore.

Kennedy Meeks - North Carolina. 6'9" 280. Senior.

Tony Bradley - North Carolina. 6'10" 248. freshman.

Jordan Washington - Iona. 6'8" 235. Senior.

Sagaba Konate - West Virginia. 6'8" 250. freshman.

Jock Landale - Saint Mary's. 6'11" 255. junior.

Harry Giles - Duke. 6'11" 222. freshman.

Darral Wllis Jr. - Wichita St. 6'9" 221. Senior.