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The Hoop Obsession, NBA 22 under 23.

March 9, 2021

The sports card market has become a speculator's paradise with good money being made due to smart evaluations. Simply being "in-touch" with the identity of these players is good for the knowledge base of any collector. But who should earn some of your investment dollars? Which players are likely to be making the most impact as they approach their NBA basketball prime in the year 2025?

Without further ado, we present the Hoop Obsession, 22 under 23. This is our list of the 22 players currently in the NBA, under the age of 23, that we feel you should have rookie cards of in your portfolio. Think of this list, as an aggressive strategy to make a "mutual fund" with a bit of each of these players sprinkled into it. Some are more long-shots for stardom than others (you may want to pick other young players) but if those players "hit" the reward will be even richer.

(In alphabetical order)