Center prospects in the 2018 NCAA Tournament

Ayton, DeAndre Arizona 7'1" 250 C frosh 7'5" wingspan. 


Ward, Nick  Michigan St. 6'8" 250 C soph.  Nick Ward knows how to put the ball in the hoop. The sophomore, left-handed, BIG is connecting on 65% of his field goal attempts. Ward has the body and ability to carve space in the paint. He is quick to the ball and as such he is excellent on the offensive glass. He draws fouls at a high rate. Ward was top-ten in the Big Ten both seasons in free throw atempts. He is an underrated shot blocker as well. Ward's defensive rating is 4.5 points better than the Michigan St. team DEFRTG. 


Bamba, Mohamed Texas 7'0" 225 C frosh


Azubuike, Udoka  Kansas  7'0" 280 C soph. 


Williams, Robert  Texas A&M 6'9" 237 C soph. 


Manley, Sterling  North Carolina  6'11" 240 C frosh.


Gafford, Daniel  Arkansas 6'11" 234 C frosh


Vanderbilt, Jarred Kentucky  6'8" 215 C frosh


Konate, Sagaba West Virginia 6'8" 250 C soph. 


Hall, Donta Alabama 6'9" 225 C jr. 


Davis, Tyler  Texas A&M 6'10" 265 C jr. 


Jones, JeMerrio  New Mexico St. 6'5" 174 C soph.